156175 – Experience the pure humiliation

What kind of a loser are you?! Get down on the floor, lie down right in front of my feet. I’m using you as a footrest and you will listen to what I think of you. Too bad you can’t see yourself. You look so pathetically ridiculous. Is your slave carcass of any use to this planet? You are a good-for-nothing! A miserable creature I have to take care of. You know what? I’ll lock you up with my other slaves and let you out again when I feel like using or eviscerating you. What does your wallet look like? Hurry up and show me what you’re carrying. To be locked up in my slave stable costs you a good amount of rent, but I will keep you with me until tomorrow and torture you until you can’t walk anymore. Then I will rid myself of you again like the last piece of dirt! You know why? Because then you will go and get more money to once agaim pay me your rent, hahah!
Experience the pure humiliation
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