156668 – Stepmom Turns You Into Sissy Stepson

Come here stepson I need to speak to you about something…..Do you have anything you would like to tell your stepmom? I saw some things on your computer, do you have anything to confess to me? You tell me just baseball but I found some kinky things when you went out today and forgot to lock your computer. I found some stepmommy / son things. Have you been fantasizing about me? Don’t lie to me! Now if you’ve been fantasizing about me I want you to get down on your knees and kiss my feet. Has my beauty been too much for you? Have you been jealous hearing stepmommy in the bedroom getting fucked every night? Have you been masturbating listening to me getting fucked? Didn’t I tell you to keep your headset on when my boyfriend is over? You’ve been a bad boy and deserve a spanking over my knees. I have a long spoon to spank your ass with and it needs some discipline. Have you been thinking about my pussy? Have you even seen one before, you’re still a virgin aren’t you? Well you don’t need any other girls, just me.Is my pussy everything you imagined? Wanna sniff it? Come here and take a sniff, but no licking…. only my boyfriend gets to do that and he’ll be doing that later tonight. There is be no masturbating when he comes over because I’m putting you in chastity. You know I never told you my fantasy but I’ve always wished you were a girl. Soooo I want you to put on this sissy outfit and pull down your panties for more spankings.
Stepmom Turns You Into Sissy Stepson
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