156707 – Floor-face under dirty boots

I’ve brought along a few pairs of dirty boots – to use on the slave’s face that’s trapped in the face trampling box! I start by walking over his face with my Buffalo boots and threatening him with the thin heels! After hurting him for a while, I order him to lick the dirty soles – to get off the remaining dirt! Then it’s time for the next pair of boots – my other pair of Buffalo boots with thicker heels and a mean tread. I walk all over the loser’s face again, humiliate him under my boot soles and enjoy how he’s screaming in pain! It’s too funny to see the boot’s tread imprinted on his forehead – I guess everyone who sees him in the next couple of days will recognize this pattern. Then I put on my Manfield boots – they also have a thick heel, but a finer tread – which will leave some marks on his skin as well! I just love to see the pain and panic in the loser’s eyes while trampling his face!
Floor-face under dirty boots
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