156614 – Obedient Doormat

The beautiful and sadistic Miss Jessica Wood is here again dressed in white jodhpurs, white shirt, black blazer and her heavy black leather riding boots with metal spurs. She wants to have some fun again. The slave is on the floor of course and he will be trampled on absolutely full weight. But first Miss Jessica wants her soles licked clean while she is checking up on her phone. After that the trampling begins. You can enjoy some full weight head standing on both sides of the slave’s head. Oh Miss Jessica is cruel. You will enjoy the moment where the slave was in absolute pain while trying to move the boots off of his head, but Miss Jessica didn’t pay attention at all and just keep standing on his head. The Mistress is trampling the slave carelessly and laughing while doing that. She just loves to feel the slave suffering beneath her riding boots. You can see that the slave is gasping for air at some point but Miss Jessica doesn’t care.The slave told me after the clip that these soles are extremely hard, especially the heels and his head was still in pain afterwards. So if you are familiar with riding boots in general you should know how hard and heavy they are.The clip is filmed with static camera, but we have added some close ups for the nice moments. You can see from the GIF. So basically is full body angle and close ups.
Obedient Doormat
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