156774 – Lady Scarlet – Fetish Wanker

Recently, whenever I wear my heels I find them full of spit. So annoying! I have to find out who’s doing that…One day I catch the dribbling slave, I shout and I order him to come to Me. Since he likes so much to dribble, he will do it my way now! I turn him on rubbing his pathetic dick with my heel, then I give him instruction to wank while I sit on his face and tease him. He is more and more subdued… IU grab his manhood and I masturbate him. Now I have absolute control over him. "Either you come with me, or you will never come anymore"But he’s too excited and the habit of self-masturbating is overwhelming. You will always be my wanker!
Lady Scarlet - Fetish Wanker
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