156857 – Lady Scarlet – Tease & denial for the beast

Today Gaia and I want to have fun with this slave who in our eyes is a beast. He will receive one of the worst : tease and denial. There is no corporal punishment, suffering is above all psychological. We are so close to the slave, yet unattainable … We exhibit our beauty, we provoke him, we excite him, but behind bars he cannot caress us, he cannot smell our perfume, he cannot have any contact with us. We drive him crazy because on the one hand we give him the opportunity to admire us, on the other we deny him everything. And even at the end, when the beast begs us to be able to have our panties as a gift to smell and feel our fragrance, we make fun of him by making him believe that it will be … In reality we leave them on the cage and he for a breath fails to take them. We leave mocking him and satisfied that we have once again held a male by the balls …
Lady Scarlet - Tease & denial for the beast
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