156813 – Rita – Stewardess Foot Domination

If you are confused between Rita and Rina, then you’re not alone. So today Rita is a stewardess. She uses slave’s face as a footstool, puts her feet in flight shoes on his face and flattens his nose. Rita didn’t afraid to damage Alex’s face with the soles of her shoes and pushes her feet without care. She also coerced him lick the soles of her shoes and suck her heels. But most lovely thing is pushing her shoes inside Alex’s mouth as deep as she can. Then Rita makes him smell the insoles of her flight shoes… and the smell of it is really "amazing". After that Rita tells Alex to smell her sweaty bare feet. She also didn’t forget to make her favorite action, a deep foot gagging! If you are think, that you’re already seen this clip, then you may be mistaken with that one: "Rina – Stewardess Foot Domination". So Rita and Rina are different girls.
Rita - Stewardess Foot Domination
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