156867 – Lady Scarlet – The cruel schoolgirl

The female student is not in the mood for homework. The bell has rung for the break, so she can enjoy her snack. She’s bored and she wonders how to overcome this. Suddenly she sees her flat and class mate, a true loser, and she plots some fun. She calls him and with authoritative voice she has heem lying underneath her feet. She starts using him as her personal doormat, while sitting, putting her Adidas on that soft belly. She cleans her soles this way, then she has him kissing them. Eventually she orders him to take her shoes off and has him smelling them from inside, while she sits on him. He is to smell her socks as well, and to massage her divine feet. At last, she lets him take off her socks and places her bare feet onto his face. He can neither kiss nor lick them, just smell them, and feel their pressure. Satisfied of her bullying action she leaves, while he is still lying under her desk…
Lady Scarlet - The cruel schoolgirl
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