156981 – Improvised challenge — Tickle resistance

This is a video that shouldn’t even have been shot, as it is a real challenge between me and Miss Crystal. But now it’s done, so enjoy it!Miss Crystal is very sensitive to tickling, but lately I have noticed that she also has good stamina if she wants to, and she actually likes to be tough, especially with me … So, to have fun with us, I gave her a challenge, and she obviously accepted it. Simple rule: The challenge lasts 10 minutes and she has only one safe-word available, RED (ROSSO).You have to resist my tickle but I too have my share of the challenge.My skill lies in doing as little as possible but still being able to take it to the limit.If he says only one safe-word he will win the challenge, and choose my punishment … But if he says 2 he loses the challenge, and I will choose his punishment … Who are you cheering for? For the skill of the Tickler or for the resistance of the Miss?
Improvised challenge -- Tickle resistance
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