156922 – Double Trampling in Louboutins

The poor skinny slave has had a really simple task to be done. He had to alphabetize the books on the bookshelf, but he was found to rest instead. He was even trying to lie to the ladies. Oh come on, really ? That is such a huge mistake. Miss Suzanna Maxwell and Mistress Inka are very dissatisfied now. So the consequences are going to be bad for the slave. He will be punished, humiliated and trampled on with absolute no mercy. The slave will be thought a good lesson.Using the sharp heels of their Louboutins the Mistresses are having so much fun while the slave is suffering beneath them. You know the sadistic style of Miss Suzanna Maxwell and Mistress Inka. Heels scratching, stomping, full weight trampling on his front and back, hands trampling, and a few hands stomps are taking place in the clip.There is this particular moment where Mistress Inka has decided to use a book to trample the slave with. She puts the book on his back and starts trampling the book and the slave at the same time.There are a few slow motion moments added, close ups and full body angles.
Double Trampling in Louboutins
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