157037 – Destroying his hands in the lunch break

I really need a break from work – and what better way to spend a break, than by torturing the loser?! I place a pen near the wheels of my office chair and then call the slave over. I order him to pick up the pen and then distract him – to drive over his hand with the hard wheel! But that was only for starters! Next, he gets to feel my office heels on his hands. I order him to get under the desk – so I can easily trample his hands. I flatten his fingers under the soles of my high heels and use the sharp heels to really hurt him. It’s so much fun to hear him scream in pain – I almost forgot about the work stress already! After some minutes of hand trampling, I decide to get back to work, but the slave will stay in this position … the wheels of my office chair on his hands, me sitting on top and using his back as a footrest, crushing his hands slowly under my full weight … I think I could spend the rest of my work day like this 😀
Destroying his hands in the lunch break
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