157000 – Bare Feet Trampling by Mistress Adreena

Wearing her leather dress Mistress Adreena looks so hot today. Nothing gives her more pleasure than using her power to punish her slaves. She is a brainfucking Goddess.The slave had a simple job to do which is to clean the bathroom, but he was found napping on the floor instead. He thought he did his job properly, but Mistress Adreena is not happy, because the slave didn’t do it to her high standarts.Bare feet trampling might not look painful and hard punishment but Mistress Adreena focuses on the slave’s stomach during the trampling, so he will struggle to breathe. She is laughing while watching the slave gasping for air. Needless to say that the slave is in a lot of pain after the high heels trampling by Mistress Adreena earlier, so even the bare feet trampling is very painful. The high heels trampling clips will be uploaded soon. The slave told me that the head is pretty much the only one place not in pain. The entire chest and stomach hurts him a lot.The Mistress has such a gorgeous feet as well. There is also some head standing and jumping as well.There are not so many close ups this time.
Bare Feet Trampling by Mistress Adreena
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