157157 – Lady Scarlet – I control your breathing

Naked, tied up and covered by a mask that only leaves space for the eyes, mouth and two holes for the nose. I’m literally about to take his breath away, he understands it and his heart rate accelerates as he sees me approaching. First with one and then with both hands I plug his nose and mouth, he squirms and then I let him catch his breath. It is in my power but after a while my hands are no longer enough, I cover his mouth with adhesive tape, he has only two tiny holes for his nose that allow him to survive: now I only need two fingers to take his breath away. Oxygen is low, the eyes bulge. I give him a break before taking him from behind and starting again. He was a good slave, he resisted: the final reward will be to be able to kiss and adore the hand that was choking him.
Lady Scarlet - I control your breathing
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