157001 – Introducing to You Goddess Maya Sin

Let me introduce you to the gorgeous and sadistic Goddess Maya Sin. Her Eurasian origins (French and Indian) makes her the perfect blend between East and West. She is calm and collected yet inherently sadistic. Entangled in her long, wavy Indian dark hair, you will feel possessed by her innocent facial features, yoga-sculpted body and sensual body language.The Goddess has a slave lying down on the floor as she is in the mood for trampling. Dressed in black suit having her red Louboutins today she will be trample on the skinny slave with no pity.So Goddess Maya Sin sits on the beautiful armchair having the slave as a human footstool beneath her sharp heels, but he is obviously not capable of doing that. He is fidgeting and the Goddess is not happy, so the trampling is about to commence as a punishment. So there will be some trampling, heels scratching, heels sucking, pointy toe shoe sucking. The slave also did ejaculation at the end of the clip as the Goddess trampled on his penis, she quite like trampling on his penis by the way.A little note. The clip is mainly close ups and we had to do a little blurring on the slave’s face while he was licking the soles of the shoes and sucking the heels, but you can still enjoy it the nice action.
Introducing to You Goddess Maya Sin
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