157271 – Buttathon 11 -Clip C

After sitting on my face with my nose in her butthole she lies herself face down across my body with her pussy pressed hard against my face. I could barely breathe, smelling and sniffing her moist juices seeping through her panties and into my mouth. Sasara slips her panties to the side and lies flat across my face burying my mouth and nose deep between the creases of her moist lips. Her sweat and juices dripping and covering my entire face. She ignores my struggles as she continues gaming without care, using my face as a ‘pleasure seat’. So much of her juices flowed down my throat as I gasped with my mouth wide open trying to breathe. My face felt soaked by the end of this scene, and we’re still not done yet! ‘Clip D’ is on the way!Sasara is constantly coming over to play games while sitting on my face for HOURS on end. Not sure how much longer I can last underneath her weight like this, my face felt like it was going to cave in. Her ‘gaming sessions’ are growing more and more intense by the hour so I beg of you guys to PLEASE STOP BUYING her ‘Buttathon’ videos and STOP encouraging her to continue smothering me for hours on end before it’s too late! She will eventually break my face and orgasm all over it 🙁
Buttathon 11 -Clip C
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