157247 – Employee gets caught and must worship his boss’s feet and high heels

Jack could not pay his rent lately and he was made to live at work, secretly. But one morning he gets caught by his boss and she’s really not happy with him living there. But it could be forgiven and maybe she would even let him live there for some time and nothing is for free. He’ll have to be her little bitch and worship her feet and her sexy high heels. Lick the bottoms of her shoes even and massage her soles and do what she says. Alternative would be to kicked out on the street and also from his job.So? Will you get under my feet and lick my shoes like a little bitch? Hmm? I won’t be so mean once I see you at the floor and under my feet. Promise. I can enjoy a nice sensual foot worship and my woman power over man. So, which is it gonna be? 🙂
Employee gets caught and must worship his boss's feet and high heels
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