157245 – Two Asian beauties foot tickling in bed

Two Vietnamese girl friends are living together as roommates and they just love each other. That is until the point where one of them, Sun, starts to snore in bed during sleep. Lynn cannot sleep because of her and it’s driving her mad.How can eve such a delightful and fragile Asian girl snore so much?! It’s unbelievable. Lynn, to get back to Sun for her snoring, starts to tickle her feet in hope of waking her and teasing her like that. But Sun is really hard sleeper and she just can’t be woken up!She tickles her more and more until Sun if finally up and Lynn can tell her about her snoring. Hopefully she will be quiet now and they both will be able to have a nice long sleep, with her pretty bare feet sticking out from the bed in a very sexy way. These Asian beauties have very sexy feet!
Two Asian beauties foot tickling in bed
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