157138 – Introducing to You Mistress Scarlet

Let me introduce you to Mistress Scarlet. Stunning blond Mistress from Scotland. Dressed in leather from head to toe wearing her gorgeous high heeled pointed toe leather Gucci boots, she wants to test her heels on the skinny slave. The Mistress had the heels specially sharpen for that occasion, so she can see the suffering of the slave’s face. And that’s exactly what’s going to happen.Heels scratching, heels digging into the slave’s cock, high heels trampling on the slave’s front only (chest and stomach) and verbal humiliation are taking place during the clip. Mistress Scarlet clearly enjoys having the slave beneath her. It’s sensual and sadistic trampling.Basically the slave is her guinea pig – just a simple person used as a subject for the Mistress’ trampling experiment. There is also a short moment of hand trampling.The clip is mostly close ups including some full body angles as well.
Introducing to You Mistress Scarlet
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