157402 – Low Heel Boots Trampling by Lady Dark Angel

You know the gorgeous and cruel Lady Dark Angel already, so no need for the introduction. So she came back to her dungeon angry to find her slave not cleaning her studio but wondering around instead. He kept saying he has cleaned the place, but obviously he didn’t do it and the Goddess is not happy at all.So the slave will be punished by trampling of course and there will be stomping and jumping as well. Soles licking and a verbal humiliation take place during the clip also. The trampling is on the slave’s front especially on his chest and on his stomach most of the time during the clip, but there is a little bit of trampling on his back and a couple of moments of spitting. Very hot clip to be fair.There are slow motion moments added for some of the stoms and jumps.
Low Heel Boots Trampling by Lady Dark Angel
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