157605 – Trampling in Leather and High Heels

The gorgeous sadist Miss Suzanna Maxwell is coming down the stairs to find out the slave cleaning the floor. He tries his best but obviously he can’t do the job properly because Miss Suzanna is not happy. Her standarts of cleaning are extremely high.Wearing her nice and tight leather trousers with black beautiful shirt and over knee leather high heeled boots Miss Suzanna will trample on the slave on his front and back. But there will be a little bit of soles licking and heel sucking before the trampling. You know her sadistic style, so no need to tell you again. Just enjoy her brilliant performance. Of course there will be some jumping and stomping on the slave’s back. Really worth watching Miss Suzanna Maxwell’s trampling as always.There are some slow motions added for two of the jumps.
Trampling in Leather and High Heels
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