157689 – Foot Gagged Then Snapped

Mistress Suzy’s slave has been bad, and he has accepted his fate….With a belt around his neck, and on his knees completely submitting himself to her, Suzy holds the belt in place and proceeds to shove her sexy barefoot into his mouth gagging him plenty of times.The poor slave suffers tremendously to the point he even starts to tear up.After Suzy has some fun with him, she pushes his head back with her sexy barefoot, placing a lot of strain upon his neck and upper back. He cries from the pain and barely manages to struggle.When Suzy is ready, she snaps his head back fast enough to break his neck, leaving her poor slave to collapse to the floor.Suzy then walks up to the camera and shows off her sexy and powerful feet to the camera.Disclaimer: Please do not recreate any of the actions you see. Such actions are performed under strict monitoring to make sure nobody is hurt or injured. Failure to comply with such guidelines can result in injury or worse.***MESSAGE US IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN A CUSTOM VIDEO, OR MEET SUZY FOR A PERSONAL FEMDOM EXPERIENCE IF YOU ARE IN THE EAST LONDON AREA***
Foot Gagged Then Snapped
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