157740 – A Very English Sissy

So, you would like some very English sissy training. As you can see, I’m fully prepared for the day and am ready to begin your sissy training. Ms. Smith is the perfect teacher. I know all about lots of sissy things including, but not limited to how to make your hair very, very pretty. What you need is a silk scrunchie like this. Are you a little excited already? I can’t say I blame you. Here, take this and fix your hair. And now, let’s move on to applying lipstick. Because you’re a little sissy, you get to wear the colour, watermelon. Sissies must always wear bright, feminine colours, especially reds and pinks. Go on. Smear it all over your lips. That’s it. Spread it thick. Very good! Now. Panties! I have suggestions for what you should wear if you want to be a complete sissy. Full panties that are very feminine. Yes, you’re going to look delightful. I was going to let you slip these on but I see you’ve got a little bit of an erection. What you need to do is ejaculate so your penis will go back to being flaccid. So, why don’t you stroke it? Go on. I won’t tell anyone. Maybe you could put these on and masturbate at the same time. That’s it. One foot at a time. Pull them up. Now let me use this lipstick to demonstrate what you should do. Stroke your penis up and down like this. Perfect! We’re not going to call it a cock or a dick because only real men have those. No, you’re a sissy with a little penis. That’s it. Keep going. Wank that sissy penis and empty those sissy balls. Oh, look! You’re ejaculating! I’m like a proud mum watching your first, defining moment. Well done, sweetie!
A Very English Sissy
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