156050 – Playing With A Bullwhip (FULL HD) – Marisa

here is another wonderful clip starring superbeautiful lady marisa!this one was made on a warm summer day as we made a short shooting with marisa. and as the weather was fine we asked her to play a lil bit with a long bullwhip, so this clip is not a real whipcracking clip as the ones in our project crackinggirls are usually where our ladies really learn to crack whips. this one is more about the sheer beauty of a young lady playing with w whip.marisa really gets close to you, playing with your anticipation to get whipped and thrashed by her but she also performs some classic standard cracks with the bullwhip.she also looks superhot wearing a classic casual outfit with a black pullover, modern jeans, sneakers. and with those personal sunglasses she looks really stunning!wonderful hot femdom pov whipcracking and whip performing clip! clip duration: 06.12 mins.
Playing With A Bullwhip (FULL HD) - Marisa
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