157883 – Face Rider 21

"Stop laughing, it’s not a laughing matter." Murderotica says sitting on his grinning face. She rides his face like a horse while pulling his hair really hard! Holding his face into her butt crack and she rocks and rides that face laughing! Murderotica laughs at his ‘boner’ as she continues humping his face. She sits and bounces her butt on his head inflicting the pain when he tries escaping. Grabbing fistfuls of hair she braces his face straight up into her ass and continues to hump his face on the washroom floor. She was starting to get a little wet and excited herself down there and the sounds of her juices can be heard squishing into his face she she humps away without care.Note: It’s been somewhat of a tradition for us to begin the new year with a previously unreleased clip of Murderotica. So to start off the new year, we present to you a new face sitting classic featuring our first model and ‘The Queen of Smother’, Murderotica!For anyone who knows the chemistry between Maso and Murderotica has always been a special one. Here you’ll see Murderotica smother Maso without mercy, yet and the same time they’re enjoying themselves with scenes of full of fun and laughter as she inflicts the pain! Their relationship of Sadist/Masochist friendship is what started the entire movement of ‘Girl Next Door’ femdom. True amateurs from the very beginning who not only film their adventures together, but live it as a lifestyle. Enjoy, and happy new year to all our customers!
Face Rider 21
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