157663 – Sandals Trampling by Mistress Adreena

You know the stunning and sadistic Mistress Adreena. She is here again dressed in her beautiful leather dress wearing her nice sandals. The Mistress is checking up on her phone but she doesn’t feel comfortable standing on the floor as she needs a human carpet instead. Of course Mistress Adreena has one and he is called in. He has to be quiet and has to stand still all the time. She will be staying on his chest, on his stomach, on his penis and on his head during the clip because that’s the way she loves. You can see clearly that the slave is suffering as he is gasping for air most of the time, but does that bother Mistress Adreena, I don’t think so. She always try to make herself comfortable while trampling on his front the entire time. She also laughs from time to time.The clip is mostly close ups, but really good ones and you will enjoy the absolutely gorgeous barefeet of the Mistress. If you love sandals and barefeet then the clip is definitely for you. There are some slow motions added for beuatiful moments and a couple of full body angles. Really hot clip.
Sandals Trampling by Mistress Adreena
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