157949 – 4 girls and 2 men

Four girls in high-heels trample over two guys. The shoes are very nice. One is a classic pair of high-heels, two are laced-up around the ankle, and there is also a brown leather pair. The girls are having a lot of fun stepping on the guys, with music blaring in the background. Our friend Don Kichote loves challenges: he makes one girl stand on him in various positions. For instance, on his head, with her heel on his forehead, or on the neck, or in his ear. The rest of the girls take turns stepping on and off the other guy, and making him lick their soles and heels. A girl in brown shoes steps on the other guy. She makes him lick her heel and then puts the sole of her shoe on his lips. The girl in black high-heels tramples over Don Kichote, sticking her heels in his body really hard. Then she starts dancing on top of two guys. After she gets off, two more girls climb on. Time: 13.39 min. REMASTERED – movie from 2006.
4 girls and 2 men
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