157945 – Trampling by Two Riding Mistresses

We have two gorgeous riding mistresses today. You know them very well. Miss Suzanna Maxwell and Mistress Mera. They look so stunning again. As usual they have a little slave lying down beneath them. He will suffer a lot in this clip. Before the trampling starts the ladies need their soles licked clean, so the slave’s tongue is absolutely perfect for that occasion. This clip is a continuation of the clips ‘Double Trampling in Thigh High Heeled Boots’ and ‘Double Trampling in Leather Boots’. This particular slave is in a lot of pain already from the previous clips, but the ladies just carry on with more trampling, some nice jumping and stomping. They just want to have fun. The slave is moaning a lot in the clip. Just to let you know. And he is destroyed by the end of it. He definitely can’t take anymore. The trampling on his front is really short, just a few seconds. The rest of it is on his back.There are some slow motions added for the jumps.
Trampling by Two Riding Mistresses
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