ITALIAN SPEAKINGCUSTOM REQUEST – Clothing in pajamas with transparent socks and slippers. Starting with a dialogue with your friend. The friend explains that she beat her step-son when he was little but now she doesn’t do it anymore. I would like the scene to continue when the step-son arrives and you make him sit down, and in silence you give him a couple of well aimed slaps. The step-son shows fear, and you tell him that you would slap him and make him cry for disobeying. Sitting on a chair, you create different angles, like behind the chair, side and front with the feet crossed. You spank him first with a wooden spoon and then with a slipper. The lesson continues and you put him over your knee on the sofa and beat him everywhere. I would also like several and repeated slaps. You explain to your friend that this time she witnessed the whole scene and why you punished him. During the punishment your friend should be silent, and every now and then asks you not to do anymore. You answer that you are punishing him and he must take what he deserves. After finishing him off, and telling the step-son to leave. You remain alone with your friend, and explain to her the reasons for your painful punishment…
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