156054 – Peters Cane Punishment (FULL HD) – Carmela And Lady Olga

"i have a problem with the student peter" this clip starts with teacheress carmela entering into the room of head mistress lady olga."the problem is, that even he was punished already for that he still is looking under skirts of classmates"so lady olga thoughts that its time now for a real vicious punishment to make it finally clear that that behaviour is strictly forbidden.so here the clip went over to a classic femdom pov clip as you may figured out that its YOU the ladies talking about.so you will be ordered to take down your pants and bend over the punishment bench for a hard and merciless caning. first it will be up to lady olga to dish out the first hard strokes on your bare behind, before the cane is handed over to carmela.both ladies really laying into it this time to make sure you wont do that never ever again.wonderful pov caning clip with 2 gorgeous ladies. german and english language combined. clip duration: 09.06 mins. MPEG4 FULL HD 1920 x 1080 px size! 4000 kBit/s. Super Great Quality!
Peters Cane Punishment (FULL HD) - Carmela And Lady Olga
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