157947 – Trampling in Brand New Hunter Boots by Mistress Scarlet

The stunning blond Mistress Scarlet from Scotland is here today. You know her from the previous clips. She’s got brand new black Hunter Boots with nice silver spurs and she wants to try them on the skinny slave. Having her creamy jodhpurs on and very nice shirt Mistress Scarlet will have some fun trampling the slave. She wants to see the tread of her soles on the slave’s body and that’s what is going to happen. Of course it’s full weight trampling as Mistress Scarlet doesn’t use anything to hold on. Her balance is great. She stays on the slave in a stable position without moving at all from time to time. There is also some head trampling. I love the moment when the Mistress is pressing her boot onto the slave’s head and he is tryig to stop her using his hands, but it just didn’t happen. Mistress Scarlet didn’t move her boot. She is laughing from time to time while the slave is suffering. There are some light jumps towards the end of the clip also and some moment of spurs scratching and spurs digging.The half of the clip is sensual and sadistic trampling on his chest and stomach and the rest of the clip is trampling on his back. You can enjoy mostly full body angles and some close ups. The slave is not squirming or wriggling. He is moaning at some point though, but he is silent and obedient most of the time during the clip.
Trampling in Brand New Hunter Boots by Mistress Scarlet
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