158409 – Real Extreme Head Crush Jumping Trampling and FullWeight FaceStanding In Socks by Cruel Mistress Kira

The fact that Princess Kira is petite does not mean that she is cute. And in this video, a young dominant girl shows her sadistic inclinations in a ruthless fullweight hardcore trampling without ever getting up from a patient slave. A beautiful bratty Goddess in sexy tight leggings and gray socks ruthlessly crushes the face, head and body of a slave, trampling them with two feet and jumping with all her weight on his face and chest. This is really extreme trampling and face-standing, you will see how the submissive’s head is pressed into the sofa, bending it from the fact that Kira is standing with both feet on the face and on the slave’s head in different poses.The slave is barely holding on under the hard pressure of the impudent Mistress and you will see from his emotions on his face what pain he has to endure while his stones and wailings confirm the hardcoreness of this brutal trample female domination with feet in socks. In addition, if you look closely, you can see how Kira gets high, biting her lip and smiling when she looks at the red and exhausted face of a slave under her divine legs. The cruel Princess also shows her creativity by standing with one foot on the head of a slave, while putting the other foot in a sock in his mouth while doing both facetanding and foot gagging extreme femdom. And in those moments when the Goddess for a moment stops facebusting, she just got distracted to trample the dick and balls of an exhausted submissive boyfriend. (Before shooting this video, I asked Kira to do such trampling from which she would enjoy and so that she would not at all think about whether I could withstand it and the result turned out to be truly real and not staged. My head, jaw and nose hurt even now. when I write this description, but the pleasure is worth it. And Mistress Sofi, who was the cameraman at that moment, said that she was very excited filming and seeing what was happening in this video.)
Real Extreme Head Crush Jumping Trampling and FullWeight FaceStanding In Socks by Cruel Mistress Kira
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