159075 – Introducing to You Alexandra Wildfire

Let me introduce you to the stunning and gorgeous Alexandra Wildfire today. As you can see she looks so hot as usual, but she is not happy.She came back to the dungeon to find out that one of her slaves was napping. Come on, really ? He was supposed to be cleaning the dungeon and making sure everything is spotless. But he didn’t of course, because he is lazy, so he will be punished. Mistress Alexandra starts kicking the slave a few times and a couple of minutes later, she is trampling him on his chest and stomach. She spends a lot of time using his body than the actual real carpet. There will be a little bit of face sitting/smothering, soles licking and of course trampling on the slave’s back, but it’s going to be only a couple of minutes. The slave is not loud in this clip. He’s just moaning from time to time, but he is suffering a lot as Mistress Alexandra really enjoy the trampling and inflicting the pain using her heels. There are also some small jumps and stomps.There is a moment of slow motion of one of the kicks.
Introducing to You Alexandra Wildfire
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