159509 – Your Hot Blonde Wife Fucks Another Man

Imogen welcomes you home and asks how your day at work went. She’s always happy to hear how hard you work for her. She then tells you about her day of shopping with the girls and how she paid for everything using your credit card. She bought the shoes and dress she’s wearing, and some expensive underwear. Would you like to see it? Too bad! She’s going out to see another man this evening. He’s a personal trainer and has big, bulging muscles. Yes, that one, too! Much bigger than yours. Yours is probably a quarter of the size of his. Imogen isn’t going to waste any of her body on you. She just keeps you around for your money. Feeling down? Wait until you hear what happened when she first met him! Just thinking about it has her wet right now.
Your Hot Blonde Wife Fucks Another Man
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