‘Custom clip requestYou just came back from work, sit on the sofa and put your feet on a foostool. The day was awful running here and there and your feet hurt so bad. You need a massage but living alone with your step-son means there’s no chance of that happening. Or maybe you could ask him, he’s always been a nice boy. So you call him and ask. To your surprise he accepts right away and get on his knees to take off your shoes. Actually, he looks kind of too happy to do it, but why worry? You got what you wanted and he’s really good at it. So good that you almost fall resting. But then you notice he’s not only massaging your feet, he’s sniffing them deeply. Confused you stop him, asking what’s going on. Why would he do that, your feet must be pretty stinky after that hell of a day you had.Soon you understand, he’s a fetishist and he loves stinky feet. That’s why he was so happy to give you a massage! So, why not take advantage of that? You tell him if he accepts to become your slave he’ll be allowed to massage your feet and sniff them all he wants. Even better, if he proves an obedient little slave you’ll allow him to lick your sweaty feet clean every day.Obviously he accepts right away, so you let him massage and sniff your feet again. And since he does anamazing job you also reward him, as you promised, by allowing him to lick your feet.Note that this is just a guide line, feel free to adapt it as you wish. Just please, focus the second half of the video mostly on the foot worship (smelling, kissing, licking) and not too much on the massage. Also, just to be sure there’s no misunderstanding, this is a POV video so only you will appear. I’m repeating this because it happened to me that other girls got confused by how I wrote the plot and thought another person was to be involved. Also, no specific names are to be used.