159609 – Sweary Sweaty Feet

It’s time for you to get naked. Come on. Chop-chop! It’s time for you to strip off. It’s humiliation time, you little cunt. You know that I’m superior, don’t you? Yeah, you do. So, you’re stripping off while I stay dressed, because I’m fucking better than you! I live to humiliate types like you who have a stinky foot fetish. I’ve just come back from the gym and my armpits stink. Can you even imagine how bad my feet must smell? Do you want to sniff them? Hmmm? Let me take off my shoes so you can get your face in there. And now you want to smell my socks. They’re the best because they soak up all the sweat. You want to smell them, don’t you? Well, go on, you dirty little twat! Now, open your mouth. These are going in.
Sweary Sweaty Feet
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