160039 – CE-001 Smothered Pony Boy! Part 2

Chris was about to find out what it truly means to get his ass beat, humiliated and totally smothered by a girl. Emma is a hardcore true face sitter, and loves punishing people that way. She uses some serious full weight face sits, reverse face sits, and more. She also weakens Chris with some good head scissors, humiliates him, and her finale was priceless. After Chris was to give up the match and tell Emma he gives up, Emma grabbed a belt, made him get on his hands and knees, and wrapped it around his neck. Chris was then told to walk around the mats with Emma using him as her little pony boy, sometimes yanking on the belt choking Chris. Emma is a true dominating diva!
CE-001 Smothered Pony Boy! Part 2
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