160074 – Jenni’s Big Winter Boots

This has become somewhat of a tradition. Every winter Jenni stops in to have me clean her winter boots. "Can you clean them? Don’t turn your face." Jenni states with a serious tone asking me to face up so she can step directly on my upturned face and tongue as I face her. My head is pressed against the toilet bowl behind me as she steps on my face. She orders my tongue out so she can get deep between the grooves of her boot soles. Jenni steps on my face with one boot while using my head or body as a foot rest with the other boot as she enjoys a thorough tongue wash.I’ve never felt more humiliated than having to lick the boot soles of a young 19 year old as my head rests against a toilet bowl. "I don’t see your tongue moving. It has to move when it cleans."Jenni then asks for a small favor. She wants me to see if the inside of her toilet bowl is clean. As I turn my head to look inside the bowl she smiles like a little devil at the camera before stepping on the back of my head, pressing my face down into her toilet bowl.The clip stops here! -BUT Jenni did use the toilet right after our first scene, then had me lick the inside bowl before even flushing while the camera was still filming! We may release that footage on another site sometime in the future.JENNI IS EXCLUSIVE TO MASOROTICA PRODUCTIONS
Jenni's Big Winter Boots
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