160076 – Hailey’s Facesitting Farts – Part 1

Hailey got an offer she couldn’t refuse, Sara challenged her to a match. Hailey was nervous yet somewhat confident as she stepped onto the mats. Sara is tough, very dominating, and loves to tease, taunt and humiliate her opponents. Hailey manages to get Sara down, get a few good facesit taps from her, but Sara was actually letting her, before she unleashed her own raw power onto poor Hailey. Sara folded her in two while facesitting her, taunted Hailey, shoved her nose deep into her ass in reverse, and even let out a few farts and rubbed them into Hailey’s face. She belittled her, telling her that shes making her horny by rubbing her puusy on Hailey’s face, and verbally humiliated Hailey, until the end. Hailey was breathless, worn out, and was to say that Sara was her Step-Momma, and that Hailey was her bitch. This video is superb with serious dominating, and humiliation, to say the least.
Hailey's Facesitting Farts - Part 1
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