159080 – Double Boots Trampling in the Garden

You know Mistress Krush and Miss Tiffany Naylor very well. They join today to have some fun trampling the naked slave in the garden. It’s very cold in there and you can see very well the breathing of the slave. These ladies have no mercy. Wearing them riding boots and jodhpurs both ladies will trample the slave absolutely full weight.The slave will be trampled on his front the entire clip and he is pretty quiet this time. He still makes some noices but not a lot. His chest and stomach are covered in mud and Mistress Krush and Miss Tiffany Naylor don’t really care about that. They just keep doing whatever they like, trampling, stomping, hands trampling, some soles licking, spitting and penis trampling. The slave is totally turned into a human doormat. They use his body to clean their boots, but the ground is muddy and wet and everytime they step on the grass their boots are getting wet and muddy. It’s a vicious femdom circle for the slave, but a lot of fun for the ladies. Of course there is also verbal humiliation.
Double Boots Trampling in the Garden
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