159645 – Suffer Beneath my Feet

You know the fantastic and very sadistic bombshell Miss Anna Elite, so just please enjoy another great and cruel bare feet trampling today.In an elegant and see through mesh outfit she looks so hot ready to use the slave as a human floor to the feeling of her full weight pressing down on his body.So the pathetic slave is already lying down flat on the floor ready to be used as a human floor. Miss Anna Elite needs to check her phone and what’s the best position of doing that, of course standing on a slave. Standing full weight on his chest and stomach most of the time during the clip, she tramples over him with a complete disregard for his comfort or enjoyment. He will learn, the hard way if needs be. Miss Anna’s petite feet crush and press his slave body into the hard floor. She’s not satisfied with his body, so she uses his head to stand on from time to time. Of course the entire trampling is absolute full weight. The slave is struggling to breath, gasping for air under Miss Anna’s gorgeous feet press right into his stomach, but she just doesn’t care as she needs to check up on her phone. The slave is pretty silent though and Miss Anna Elite doesn’t talk the entire time.Some stomps are taking place during the clip and also a slow motion moment is added where Miss Anna Elite using her bare foot pushes the slave’s head onto the hard wooden floor and his head bounces off the floor. You can hear the nice noice. Also a short moment of penis trampling is happening during the clip and you can see that moment from the GIF. Miss Anna Elite is just merciless, isn’t she ? You know her style very well from the previous clips.
Suffer Beneath my Feet
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