158132 – Lezdom 45

Wednesday torture for the poor wallflower!Lizi Le Marc is being held in the terror refuge against her will. The sadistic ruler first drags her into the interrogation room where the delinquents are made ready. After the totally intimidated girl can’t even say her name, she is just yelled at and verbally finished. She has to undress in front of the mistress and is tied to the interrogation table. Then the mistress calls in a hitwoman who whips the poor wallflower.The totally intimidated and beaten up Lizi is finally ****** to have sex for the amusement of the cruel mistress. The starved guards outside are already very horny to fuck them.Tied to the interrogation table, Lizzi Le Marc is fucked by the two hard thugs, while the sexy mistress orders in sadistic delight how they have to fuck the guys. In the end, they wank her vigorously into her tender face.
Lezdom 45
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