160141 – Mini and Nikki mercyless whippers

eedless to say, but Princess Mini is a really had whipper, and Princess Nikki is doing extremely well inflicting pain as well. 😉 Both Princesses have the slave on all fours, and Mini is equipped with a bull whip while Princess Nikki is using a belt. Both Princesses takes turns in whipping the slave, and Princess Nikki promise him to start ?soft?. But the slave falls to the floor anyways, and Princess Nikki is not happy with this. So soft is put away, now it is full strength in every whip stroke. The Princesses keep going over and over, and the slave falls to the floor several times, which off course do not make the Princesses very happy. So they whip him also laying on the floor. Princess Mini shows Princess Nikki how to achieve even more pain in every whip with the belt, which is actually very visible and audible. ;). They trade equipment and Keep going, until in the end it is just Mini who is whipping the slave. This should be a lesson not to piss of two beautiful Princesses with a whip in their hands.
Mini and Nikki mercyless whippers
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