ITALIAN SPEAKINGYou are on vacation with your partner, you decide to hike a high cliff, when you get to the top you communicate to your boyfriend that you want to surprise him, but he must blindly trust you. You put a gag in his mouth, then push him down firmly, and now he finds himself hanging with his hands on the ledgeYou tell him you want to get him out as you are with someone else, but since he’s been hanging on you can have some fun with him. He starts stepping on his fingers one by one, turning right and left under your sole and you laugh at him as his grip becomes weaker. He cannot ask for help because he is gagged, no one would hear him. As soon as a hand is gone, you decide you want to prolong his agony, take off your shoe, and stamp your fingers on your bare feet in a sexy and lethal way. With each finger you remind him that the end is near, that you will have fun with the money you left him ….. P.S.For the video you can in case start from when you pushed it down, in case for the shoes also a summer sandal considering the hypothetical vacation ….. What do you think …?
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