161246 – Mindless Ruined Orgasm

Come here you horny simp and kneel before your Goddess. Gaze at my powerful pretty feet, do you want to touch them? You sure are excited sitting there gooning to my feet. Expose your little beta dick and if I laugh I’ll let you take a sniff. See how powerful my feet are? These long toes of mine dangling in your face make you go mindless for me, willing to do whatever I desire. The only words that should come out of your mouth is "YES GODDESS, YES GODDESS". Well behaved weak simps always get rewarded for their efforts. Now massage my feet, nice deep pressure slave. You will sit there and goon out until your balls hurt. Take a good long look at perfection and these long muscular legs of mine make you even more mindless. I just love teasing you with my body, all my parts make you weak. From my feet, legs, ass and all the way up to my model face…it all makes you want to jerk off hard for me. Sitting there gooning to every part of me is a real treat for you. Now stroke yourself harder and harder for me I want you right on the edge but there will be no cumming today. Just look at my evil brat stare….did you really think I was going to let you have an orgasm today?
Mindless Ruined Orgasm
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