160841 – Boots Trampling by Mistress Patricia

We have the gorgeous asian Mistress Patricia today. She looks hot dressed in black latex leggings and wearing her black high heeled pointy toe boots. The slave is on the floor totally naked of course with his hands tied up to the chair. Such a beautiful position for Miss Patricia. He is so vulnerable like that.The trampling starts straight from the beginning. Miss Patricia has fun while the slave is suffering beneath her sharp high heels. You can see very well the smile on her face most of the time during the clip. The trampling is on the slave’s front the entire clip including his chest, his stomach and his penis a couple of times. The slave is not very quiet during the clip. He moans a lot. Obviously the pain is too much for him, but Miss Patricia just keep herself busy with the trampling. She doesn’t talk a lot during the clip and also she uses the actual real floor from time to time. There are also a few small jumps. Also Miss Patricia steps on the slave’s head a few times but not with her full weight.
Boots Trampling by Mistress Patricia
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