161579 – Locking you in the smotherbox for facesitting

Look what I’ve prepared for you – you’ll get into this smotherbox now and I’ll also bind your hands to it – so you’re a completely helpless seat for me – and I can sit down on your face with my tight hard jeans! My jeans ass will flatten your face and you’ll be completely smothered under my butt – and there’s nothing you can do about it. You’ll have to endure it for as long as I want – and you can only hope that I’ll respect your limits and get up in time … every time! Later some friends will come over to visit me – and of course I won’t free you before that. Maybe they want to try out my living seat pad as well! How would that make you feel, slave? Used and humiliated by a bunch of girls who don’t care about your well being and just smother you under their asses?!
Locking you in the smotherbox for facesitting
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