161799 – * PP INH*ALE * Be my Nylon-Sissy * PART 2

Sequel !!! Well whore, now we start together with the sniffing and hold your breath, then exhale when I command it! In the CB and in your slut clothes the whole thing looks quite passable! We already got you there where I want to have you, my cock girl 😉 you little bitch put your CB ready. In addition, you will banish everything from your proximity, which could disturb us. I will form you from today my good, sniffing cock girl! you will be MY sissy – without bitching and without grumbling you will DO what I command you! My nylon soles, PP, the CB and your whore clothes are just the beginning!
* PP INH*ALE * Be my Nylon-Sissy * PART 2
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