ITALIAN SPEAKINGCUSTOM REQUEST – The statuesque Mistress Gaia has a strong desire to dominate a little slave in her dungeon and she finds the right opportunity. Locked inside a cage in the corner, is a small and frightened slave. Mistress Gaia, dressed in sexy bikini and heels, approaches the cage. She observes the little slave, who is dressed in lingerie and without shoes. The mistress laughs at the thought that that a minute slave is her perfect prey to satisfy her unbridled desires for domination. Mistress opens the cage and threateningly she orders the slave out. The little girl obeys, but she trembles with fear in front of the statuesque and muscular physique of her mistress. Mistress Gaia observes the standing slave. Small and thin, she laughs at her for her tiny physique. The two physics are so different and confronting her slave, Mistress Gaia orders her to step on the scales. The number that appears on the display makes the owner laugh even more: those few kilos are perfect for a nice lift and carry domination. Mistress Gaia lifts the small and light girl in every way, as she takes her in her arms and carries her around the room, loads her like a sack of potatoes on her sturdy shoulders and spins her like a top. The slave is afraid, and complains asking to be put down, but Mistress Gaia doesn’t know the word pity. After various upsets and verbal humiliations, Mistress picks up her slave in her arms in front of the camera. She holds her so tight the slave is a rag doll in the mighty arms of her mistress who puts the sleepy slave on the sofa, and sits next to her waiting for her to wake up before returning her to her cage?
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