162180 – Helpless slave smothered under my big feet

The slave’s face is my footstool while I relax on the couch and concentrate on my phone. I smother him under my nylon feet and only give him short pauses – in which he can smell my nylon feet – before I press my feet back down on his mouth and nose and continue to smother him! As he’s locked in the smotherbox and his hands are not only tied together, but also tied to his body, he can’t do anything to get my feet off his face and is completely helpless under my feet! I take a few photos of him under my feet as well – they might be fun to send around his friends … or maybe his boss? 😀 I notice he can still get tiny amounts of air from the corner of his mouth – so I grab some duct tape and seal his mouth shut! Then the smothering continues! I also stand up and press my foot firmly on his nose in this position!
Helpless slave smothered under my big feet
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