161076 – Pleasure and Pain

The merciless and gorgeous Miss Alexandra Wildfire will be trampling one of her slaves again today. She will be showing him what’s the difference between the pleasure and the pain. Wearing her black stilettos, black leather corset and a nice black leather trousers she looks so hot ready for action.So Mistress Alexandra starts with a little bit of face sitting, just for a few seconds and that’s the pleasure for the slave. The pain is about to begin. Trampling on his chest and stomach the entire clip including some nice heels sucking as well. Also you can see very nice heel marks on the slave’s chest during the trampling. He is not very quiet while being trampled on. Obviously the trampling is too much for him, but Mistress Alexandra has fun.After 6 minutes of high heels trampling she wants to trample the slave barefoot and of course the slave can’t say anything. The rest of the clip which is about 4 minutes you can enjoy beautiful barefoot trampling on the slave’s front including some small jumps and a little bit of head trampling.You can enjoy very nice camera angles.
Pleasure and Pain
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